Dual Membership

Membership in both the Oklahoma Society and the General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth, MA

Permanent Records

Safekeeping of your genealogical records in both Oklahoma and Plymouth, MA, for future generations

Member Certificate

An elegant certificate, suitable for framing, which names your Mayflower ancestor

Oklahoma Meetings

Meetings twice per year with Oklahoma descendants for luncheons and historical programs

General Society Meetings

Meetings every three years with descendants from all over the world at the Triennial Congress in Plymouth, MA

The Mayflower Messenger

The Oklahoma Society newsletter, published each spring and fall

The Mayflower Quarterly

The General Society newsletter, published four times per year, containing news of the General Society and Member Societies

The Mayflower Journal

The General Society magazine, published twice per year, containing articles about Pilgrim history, genealogy, literature, and arts

Mayflower Society House Museum

Free admission to the Mayflower Society House Museum in Plymouth, with exhibits of Mayflower and colonial art and artifacts.

Mayflower Society Library

Free use of of the General Society Library in Plymouth, MA, with staff to assist with your historical and genealogical research

Membership Transfer

Easy transfer of your membership to another society if you move

Mayflower Insignia

Eligibility to purchase Mayflower Descendant insignia items, including a bronze marker for your grave stone, not that you will need it anytime soon

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